I’m Just #GirCrazy Eye Candy presents Who’s Dat Girl – Shirleen Allicot

Posted: February 15, 2012 in #GirlCrazy, Eye Candy, Who's Dat Girl
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Whats Good My Peeps Its Ya Fav 1ne T-Bear still being #Girlcrazy with my new segment under the I’m Just #GirlCrazy Eye Candy titled “Who’s Dat Girl” which feature the new/slept-on eye candy and up-n-comin/unknown models that trying get their name out there

This newest post for Who’s Dat Girl is a beautiful and sexy eye candy that has beauty and brains as she is one of the hottest new anchor for Philly’s Action News 6

so Who’s Dat Girl? Its the sexy and educated

Shirleen Allicot

The Queens native is a graduate from Hofstra University for BA in Broadcast Journalism. Shirleen got her start in the Boogie Down Bronx on News 12 as she shot, wrote, and edited her own stories, and anchored the weekday morning newscasts.

One of her remarkable story on News 12 that left a big impact was when she interviewed a mother with AIDS, and her remarkable 7-year-old son who was HIV positive.

She would later join News 12 Connecticut where she covered everything from breaking news to politics, and proudly scored several exclusive interviews. On May 2010, Shirleen would become the newest anchor of the infamous Action News 6 in Philadelphia as she covers the 4pm news.

Shirleen is definitely looking to land her experience and knowledge to the Action News 6 family. But she is definitely something to watch with her beauty

Now is Shirleen Allicot an Eye Candy

or like always I’m Just #Girlcrazy lol

What Yall Think?

  1. bull says:

    Finger lickin good

  2. Twitch says:

    She’s hot as fuck, but a lesbian. Lucky chicks get dat pussy

  3. gunsmoke2020 says:

    I’ve seen some fine women in my lifetime
    but shirleen.Damn….! She is so attractive I literally geezer when I watch her.

  4. Mario says:

    You look great. Very pretty women. MM 🙂

  5. David Burton Jr says:

    Shirleen is a very sweet eye candy who also has her game intact. She represents herself as a very high class lady but at the same time she can break it down and be a real person. It’s real nice to see a person so beautiful inside and out

  6. please tell me she is not a lesbian.just cant be .if true what a waste.i dont usually find black women attractive but she is SMOKIN HOT!

  7. solomon perry says:

    More than eye candy wifey marerial so beautiful yet educated remarkable!!!!!

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